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File Description
  K2 Li Frequently asked questions - K2 Li Ceramics
  K2 Li - Advices Design criteria and minimum thickness - K2 Li Ceramics
  K2 Li - Advices Minimum thickness pressed framework / maximum layering thickness
  K2 Li - Advices Sprueing of K2 Li wax objects
  easy Waxer - Advice Advice for the first use of easy Waxers
  easy Waxer - Troubleshooting Troubleshooting - easy Waxer
  Handle piece - Waxer Replacement of the handle piece
File Description
  K2 HF - High fusing ceramic K2 HF Ceramics - Instruction for use
  K2 HF - Shades K2 HF Ceramics - Transparency and color overview
  K2 Li - Lithium disilicate ceramic K2 Li Ceramics - Instruction for use
  K2 Li - Shades K2 Li Ceramics - Transparency and color overview
  K2 - Ceramics K2 Ceramics - Instruction for use
  Wax The Yeti Dental wax compendium
  Dip & Brush - Zircon liquid Dip & Brush Zircon liquid - Instruction for use
File Description
  Catalogue Catalogue - Product overview
  Digital Line Digital technique and accessories - Catalogue
  Excellence Line Product overview of the „excellence line“
  Excellence Line - Contact CONTACT Wax Dispenser
  Excellence Line - Contact E CONTACT-E Wax up station
  Excellence Line -Zircon Polishing Set Zircon Polishing Set
  Geo5 Zirconia Geo5 K2 CAD / CAM Zirconia - Multilayer blank
  Fix Firing Paste Ready-to-use paste for individual firing trays
  Fixing Gel Adhesive gel for secure fixation of ceramic applications
  Wax blank 80 CAD / CAM Wax blank 80 - ash-free
  Blasting technology Corundum & Glass beads
File Description
  Medical devices certificate Certificate DIN EN ISO 13485:2016
  EC Certificate EC Certificate - NEM-Alloys / Solders
  EC Certificate EC Certificate - Ceramics / Synthetics