K2 MyStains ST-S9 | grey

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product description

K2 MyStains Ceramic Stains

K2 MyStains

The K2 MyStains ceramic painting colors represent a first-class solution for coloring ceramic restorations. They have been specifically developed for use in dentistry and are characterized by high color stability and easy handling. The colors are available in a wide range of shades and can be individually mixed to achieve a perfect color match with the patient's natural teeth. Thus, Yeti-Dental's ceramic painting colors are a reliable choice for dental technicians who have the highest demands for the aesthetics of their restorations.

The new K2 MyStains allow for excellent painting, shading, and individualization of ceramics. The colors remain stable if mixed with the corresponding Structure Liquid, without running or changing the intended effect once applied.

K2 MyStains are suitable for all low-fusing or high-fusing ceramic veneers.

All ceramic stains can be mixed with either Glaze Standard Liquid or Structure Liquid. When mixed with Standard Liquid, they can also be used effectively in the humidor. To maintain the "stable" effect, mix with Structure Liquid on a glass plate to prevent the liquid from being absorbed and ensure precise consistency control.

For basic individualization of blanks (e.g., Bleach), there are four basic colors available for tinting them according to the corresponding tooth shade.

Before painting, thinly coat the object with liquid on all sides.

The eleven colors are excellent for individual paintings, and they can be mixed together easily.

If the colors are too intense, they can be toned down and weakened in intensity using the glaze materials.

Usage with Structure Liquid

Ceramic stains mixed with Structure Liquid can be adjusted in consistency to achieve desired results. This allows the mixed materials to remain stable, prevent running, and maintain the intended effect once applied.

For more significant individualizations, it is recommended to perform 2-3 firings to achieve controlled and precise results.

K2 MyStains must be mixed exclusively with the corresponding liquid.
The use of water is strongly discouraged!

Basic colors - dentin
Designation Contents Article number
ST-A 2 g 388-0001
ST-B 2 g 388-0002
ST-C 2 g 388-0003
ST-D 2 g 388-0004
Special colors
Designation Contents Article number
ST-S1, white 2 g 388-0011
ST-S2, honey 2 g 388-0012
ST-S3, orange 2 g 388-0013
ST-S4, beige 2 g 388-0014
ST-S5, caramel 2 g 388-0015
ST-S6, darkbrown 2 g 388-0016
ST-S7, brickred 2 g 388-0017
ST-S8, skyblue 2 g 388-0018
ST-S9, grey 2 g 388-0019
ST-S10, royalblue 2 g 388-0020
ST-S11, illusion violet 2 g 388-0022

Firing chart
Preheating time Drying time Raise of temp. Vacuum Firing temperature range Holding time Appearance
Low Fusing Ceramic (K2 LF) 480°C 4 min 45°C/min yes 750°C - 770°C 1 min shiny
High Fusing Ceramic (K2 HF) 480°C 4 min 45°C/min yes 860°C - 880°C 1 min shiny
Lithiumceramic (K2 Li) 450°C 4 min 45°C/min yes 750°C - 780°C 1 min shiny
Zirconceramic (K2 Zi) 480°C 4 min 45°C/min yes 790°C - 810°C 1 min shiny
Zirconium Dioxide (Blanks) 450°C 6 min 45°C/min yes 850°C - 950°C 1 min shiny
Lithium Disilicate (Blocs) 450°C 4 min 45°C/min yes 730°C - 760°C 1 min shiny


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