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excellecne line CONTACT traditional Wax Dispenser

CONTACT Wax Dispenser

The CONTACT Wax Dispenser does not only impress with the elegant design, it offers equally great benefits for everyday work. The new Contact Wax Dispenser combines aesthetics and functionality and allows the waxes to adhere an place individually.

The slight inclination of the plate allows clear and ergonomic work. A small useful detail is the practical wax scraper for cleaning the modeling tips.

The unique mobile phone holder also adheres magnetically to the CONTACT. In the future, helpful tutorials “wax up” can be accessed directly at the workplace via Internet. Acquired knowledge can be implemented immediately "step by step". To protect against contamination, the transparent dust cover can simply put over after the work.

SET - variations: CONTACT freestyle (Contact Basis with dust cover and wax wiper) + Wax

excellence line Contact Set

excellence line CONTACT freestyle

CONTACT freestyle

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Art.-Nr. 780-0100

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